Mnunu Nimune is the pseudonym of a cyberpunk artist from Spain. He posts on Tumblr as mnunu-nimune. His work is built around a set of ten rules.

1. Only black and white.

2. 500 width 888 height.

3. Always merge Tech-Noir/Cyberpunk with Occult / Esoteric topics.

4. Just code with Processing. No PS, no AE, no C4D.

5. Work 3 hours max per piece.

6. Just post pictures. No reblogs, no text, no messages,

7. Use your own algorithms and your own classes. Your own typographies and your own languages.

8. Always include Procedural & Random elements.

9. Only use photographs made with your iPhone. No edits.

10. Publish one post a day. 18:30 Madrid time.





I went out last week to shoot a photo with Punchy and we instantly got kicked out by a very androgynous woman with a sticker on her jeep that said “crazy lezbo”. So Punch, Harl and I found a random car wash with some weird shit to skate just in time for some golden hour light. One of the coolest things about skating is finding new spots with friends, and you will always stumble on something new, no matter how many times you have driven down the same street. Reason number 38473892903903 why skateboarding is cool.